Course Delivery Method


This course is conducted each week from Monday to Friday commencing at 8.00 am and runs for approximately seven (7) hours each day depending on class sizes. The training is delivered face to face in class including scenario’s, role plays, DVD training, and hands-on instructional demonstrations, plus online/self-paced pre-course material. The course is delivered over a 3 (three) week period of which the first week is dedicated to studying followed by 2 (two) week of face to face training. Students will be required to complete after hour’s research and case studies. Teamwork and team learning skills are encouraged in the classroom. You will be required to have reasonable computer skills and have access to reliable internet and email services. 

Units of Competency

To obtain the security officer unarmed license you must have first completed an approved training course. Certificate II in Security Operations will enable you to apply for this license. The units required to be completed for this course are:


CPPSEC2101 Apply effective communication skills to maintain security

CPPSEC2102 Apply legal and procedural regulations to work effectively within a security team

CPPSEC2103 Apply WHS, emergency response and evacuation procedures to maintain security

CPPSEC2104 Apply risk assessment to select and carry out response to security risk situations

CPPSEC2105 Provide quality services to a range of security clients

CPPSEC2106 Protect self and others using basic defensive techniques

CPPSEC2107 Patrol premises to monitor property and maintain security

CPPSEC2108 Screen people, personal effects and items to maintain security

CPPSEC2109 Monitor and control access and exit of persons and vehicles from premises

CPPSEC2110 Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour to maintain security

CPPSEC2111 Apply security procedures to manage intoxicated persons

CPPSEC2112 Apply security procedures to remove persons from premises

CPPSEC2113 Escort and protect persons and valuables

HLTAID003      Provide First Aid



SDS is not CRICOS Registered, therefore, overseas students who have a subclass visa 500 are not eligible to join our courses (this is a Government guideline).


The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is an Australian Government register that lists all Australian education providers offering courses to people studying in Australia on student visas and the courses offered.