Security Officer Re-training Courses

About This Training Course


Changes to the QLD Security Providers Act mean that Security Providers with the Crowd Control and/or Bodyguard functions on their license are required to complete refresher training every 3 years. 

This Crowd Controller Revalidation Training Course (Manage Conflict & Empty Hand Techniques) covers two (of the three) units required for license renewal.


It is a well-known fact that most conflict can be resolved with effective communication. 

Every person has the ability to communicate effectively; combine this with simple yet effective empty hand techniques and you have the ability to control almost any situation. 

This course provides participants with the skills to develop effective communication/negotiation techniques and, where necessary, use them in conjunction with empty hand techniques to resolve conflict situations.


This Crowd Controller Revalidation Training Course (Manage Conflict & Empty Hand Techniques) is conducted through practical scenarios, group discussions, role-plays, demonstrations and other interactive learning styles. 

Every participant regardless of their experience in the security industry will learn something new that will make them a more professional Security Officer.


Subjects Covered


CPPSEC3101 - Manage conflict and security risks using negotiation

CPPSEC3121 - Control persons using empty hand techniques


Training Course Outcomes


The course is delivered over 1 (one) day in class. You will also be required to complete pre-study assignments prior to face to face attendance. Students will be required to complete assessments and demonstrate their skills in role-play assessments. Teamwork and team learning skills are encouraged in the classroom. You will be required to have reasonable computer skills and have access to reliable internet and email services. 

On successful completion of this Crowd Controller Revalidation Training Course (Manage Conflict & Empty Hand Techniques), participants will receive a Statement of Attainment and may apply to the Office of Fair Trading to renew their Security Providers Licence. 




SDS is not CRICOS Registered, therefore, overseas students who have a subclass visa 500 are not eligible to join our courses (this is a Government guideline).


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